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Vibration fluidized bed dryer


Structural Principle:

The called vibration fluidized bed is made on the basis of common fluidized bed onto which vibration is added.  The exciting force produced by vibration motor in the vibration fluidized bed drier makes the machine vibrate,  the processed material leaps forward under the effect of exciting force in the given direction,  meanwhile,  the hot wind input from bottom of fluidized bed makes the material be in a fluidized state.  The material amply contacts the hot wind,  so as to attain the ideal drying effect. Main Technical Parameters:

1.Working amplitude is 0-3.2mm 2. Working frequency difference is +0.3 HZ 3.Noise of host machine: when the distributing plate of fluidized bed is less than or equal to 2.7m2,the noise is not greater than 80dB. when  it is greater than 2.7m2, the noise is not greater than 85dB. 4.Surface temperature rise of motor: when the host machine is idling for four hours, it is not greater than 60℃ 5.Dring strength: when test is conducted to quartz sand whose granularity is 1.6-3.5mm under stipulated condition, the drying strength is not lower than 40kgH20/hm2 Features:

△Fluidizing is even and stable with no phenomenon of dead bed and blowing disruption, even drying (cooling) product may be obtained. △The vibration source is vibration motor with stable operation, convenient maintenance, low noise and long life of equipment. △The controllability is well, stepless adjustment may be realized in the designed scope to material layer thickness, the staying time of material in machine and the amplitude change of machine. △The adaptability is wide, it is applicable to materials with different specific grayity, granularity, water content and water-holding mode. △The damage to material surface is Iittle, it may be used for drying brittle material, the irregular particle of material may not affect working effect. △The working environment is clean, continuous working may be realized. △The heating mode is direct heating, the heat efficiency is high and the energy-saving effect is well, it saves 30%-60% energy than common one. The product is a new type drying equipment which is designed with principle of vibration fluidization principle. It has the features of high efficiency, energy-saving and excellent performance, etc. It applies to the drying and cooling work to powdery and particulate materials in chemical industry, pharmacy, light industry, food, seed, beverage, slag, alcohol, match and compound fertilizer, etc.

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