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Hot blast furnace



The coal-fired furnace produced by our company is a heat supply device with coal as the fuel for heat energy exchange from which clean high temperature hot air is output. The furnace is a new product of our company recommended by specialist task group of Ministry of Agriculture, it was designed by ourselves through innovation and creation. It has the features of simple structure, convenient installation and use, stable and reliable performance, meanwhile, it has the features of new type, high efficiency and energy-saving, etc. It is a trustworthy product for users, and has formed series batch production.

Working Principle:

The fire grate is driven by fire grate speed reducer, so that it incessantly moves forward and backward. The coal is lifted to coal hopper by coal feeder, it is adjusted to corresponding thickness by coal shutter, and it is evenly paved on the fire grate with the movement of fire grate, it moves forward incessantly, and accepts the high temperature radiation in the furnace. The stages of preheating, drying and firing are finished by order, till it is completely combusted. Finally, the slag drops into residue discharger, and it is discharged out of the furnace by discharger. The high temperature flue produced by combustion is settled in the settlement chamber, and enters heat exchanger pipegroup through flue pipe. It exchanges heat with the cold air outside the pipe, finally, low temperature flue is drawn into chimney by fan and then discharged into atmosphere. Cold air is suctioned into heat exchanger for heat exchange by subatmospheric pressure, and it is changed into high temperature air, the process Of heat exchange is completed. The air and flue conduct indirect heat exchange through pipe-wall, so the air through heat exchange is clean and pollution-free.

Structural Features:

The furnace is composed of combustion chamber, settlement chamber and heat exchange chamber, etc. The system includes blower, fan, coal feeder, residue discharger,  flue pipeline, chimney, etc. The using system includes furnace system, electrically-operated system, wind pipeline, flue pipeline system, etc. The machine adopts chain fire grate with mechanical coal feeding and mechanical deslagging, the mechanization extent of the machine is improved, the labor strength of operator is reduced. The machine has reasonable structure, simple and convenient operation, safe and reliable operation, ample combustion and high heat efficiency. It applies to II and III category soft coal, and soft coal and hard coal may also be mixed for use. There is an overhaul gate at each part, the maintenance and deashing are convenient.

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