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Revolving drum dryer


Working Principle:

Wet material is delivered into hopper by belt conveyer and bucket elevator, then it enters feed box and drier cylinder through constant-weight feeder and material pipe. Drier cylinder is a rotating cylinder which is slightly inclined against horizontal line. Material is added from the higher end, heat-carrying agent and material enter the cylinder by means of concurrent (or counter-current flow) with the rotation of cylinder and the effect of plate on the cylinder wall, under the effect of gravity, the material runs to the outside of discharge port, in the process   of moving in the cylinder, wet material conducts heat exchange directly with heat-carrying agent, so that wet material is dried.

Applicabitity Scope:

Revolving drum drier extensively applies to granular materials in chemical industry, medicine, light industry, coal, building material,  food and metallurgy, etc. The water content scope of the processed material is 3-25%,  and even as high as 50%,  the water content after drying may reach less than 0.5%.

Main Features:

1. The evenness of product drying is well.

2.It may dry a great deal of material continuously, the handling capacity is great.  

3.The structure is simple, the operation is convenient, it is firm and enduring, the trouble is less, the operation expense is low and the operation is reliable.

4. Operation elasticity is great,  the adaptability is strong.

5. Fluid resistance is small, the resistance is 10-15 mm H20, energy is saved.

6. High temperature heat source may be used, the highest temperature may reach 400℃.

7. Extent of lowering moisture could be 80-12%. The out put for wet material is 1-20tons/hour.

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