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Pneumatic Dryer


Working Principle:

Clean cold air is heated by air heater, and is then mixed with wet material which is delivered from screw feeder and enters drying wind pipe via dispersion sling, it is dried immediately, the dried material enters cyclone together with gas flow, the separated waste gas is discharged into atmosphere through fan, and the dry material (product) is discharged through airlock.

Main Use:

The equipment mainly applies to drying scattered materials with heat sensitivity and relatively high water content in chemical industry, light industry, grain and pharmacy industries, such as starch, sodium bicarbonate, polyoxyethylene, etc.

Main Features:

1.The drying strength is high and the handling capacity is great. The reasons are high gas flow speed, extremely great heat transfer surface area between gas and solid, and the high heat transfer coefficient.

2. The drying speed is quick and the end product quality is good, the entire drying process is extremely short (only 0.5-2 seconds), so it specially applies to the drying of heat-sensitive materials.

3.Pipeline materials are A3 and stainless steel, etc, the quality of material may be selected according to characteristics of material, so that the service life of equipment is long.

4. Air filter is added at air inlet, the air is clean to ample guarantee the purity and quality of product.

5.Heat loss is little and energy consumption is low, rock wool heat insulation is adopted for the part with high temperature gas flowing through, the effect of heat insulation is well.

6. Interconnected control is wholly adopted in the system, so as to guarantee safety in production.

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