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Circulation Grain dryer


The Circulation Grain dryer adopts modular structure. It can meet the requirements of dry according to different production, different ways of using  and different moisture of grain. It can be installed outside, reduce investment, multi-usage. It can dry rice, rapeseed, soybean, wheat, corn and other grain.

Main Features:

1.High thermal efficiency, low energy consumption. Small heat damage, low critical waist rate.

2.The quality of dried grain is good. Circulation drying can guarantee evenness of material, reduce the broken of material.

3.The hot blast temperature automatic adjustment , the hot air temperature be controlled  + / - 1 ℃, ensure stable drying process.

4.Using wear-resistant materials, greatly improve the reliability.

5.Motor, bearing and electrical components adopt overseas well-known brand product, high reliability, low failure rate.

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